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We’re Committed to Quality

Infudyne is committed to providing clean, sanitized, reliable and accurate pumps to each and every patient.

Healthcare facilities favor our Joint Commission accredited service as our training is perfectly replicated for each patient, time after time, and our devices are sanitized, tested for accuracy, and meticulously documented before and after each use. In addition, all our products are DEHP free and latex free.

At Infudyne, we strive to exceed all manufacturers’ guidelines and all applicable governing regulations in our quality assurance processes. Before a pump is certified for release, it passes through several documented procedures including surface sanitation, general inspection, sensor inspection, display inspection, volumetric accuracy testing, bolus functionality testing, occlusion testing, data wipe confirmation, new battery installation and much more. Copies of our cleaning and testing protocols are available upon request.

Products You Can Trust

At Infudyne, each device placement receives a dedicated case ID that pairs all data associated with that device usage… including patient bolus behavior, settings verification, testing results, employee processing verification list, and complete infusion history during the use of that device. Testing and usage history reports for the entire life of an individual pump are also available. This is another means by which we maximize our quality control methods and device maintenance protocols.

As well, our devices are not repaired and reintroduced for clinical use. When devices are damaged or fail inspection, they are decommissioned and sent for forensic evaluation by the manufacturer. This ensures manufacturing processes for these very important devices are continuously being improved and we are not relying on third party parts for ongoing validations.

Infudyne infection control protocols require that only new and unused carrying devices, such as fanny packs and braces, may be provided to patients. We do not recycle these items due to the risk of cross-contamination.

Support for all products and services is enhanced through the use of the live Infudyne 24/7 patient support line, ensuring that every patient is offered the very best environment for the safest use of all products and services. All calls are documented and provided to their respective facilities and used internally to monitor the quality of all services and products. As Infudyne is Joint Commission accredited as a home healthcare agency, in many areas, live, at-home, and in-facility support is available allowing for the fast and accurate resolution for product related issues.

Our Joint Commission accredited programs provide additional physical and digital instructions, videos, and manuals, to address technical and clinical issues and questions. Specific tutorials may include slip and fall-proofing a patients’ home, proper catheter removal, how to operate your device, FAQ, etc.

Our ambIT® family of infusion pumps’ audible notifications offer the best scenario by which to verify a therapy is going as planned. Proper patient outcomes are better assured with audible alarms indicating low batteries, occlusions, end of therapy, and mechanical malfunctions assuring that the therapy is actually being delivered.

ambIT® infusion pumps also include a programmable lock-out feature that makes it virtually impossible for a patient to accidentally or intentionally reprogram their device. As well, a settings match verification is performed upon device return to confirm that a device has not been tampered with.

The microprocessor-controlled rotary-peristaltic cassette design offers incredible volumetric accuracies. Accuracy rates are not dependent upon the time between fill and use, fluid temperature or viscosity, position on the body, initial fluid fill volumes or fluid reductions, barometric or external pressures, altitude, catheter type, device expiration date, bolus utilization, or regulator type.

Each patient receives a new and sterile rotary peristaltic infusion cassette. As the rotary-peristaltic cassette design maintains three points of contact with the integrated tubing, at no point during its cycle is there an open fluid path that could trigger a free-flow infusion event where an uncontrolled volume of anesthetic is delivered.

Dedicated Inventories may be available in your area.

Hazardous Drug Exposure

Infusion of certain medications can emit small amounts of hazardous drug vapor or droplets that can build up on the surfaces around you. Long-term exposure to this buildup can become a health risk to people and pets exposed to these surfaces.

Infudyne, provides employees, patients and caregivers safe handling training to reduce exposure including wearing protective clothing and gloves, providing safe storage and adhering to surface cleaning routines.

In addition, Infudyne recommends the use of a Close System Transfer Device (CSTD) to reduce the risks associated with exposure to hazardous infusion medications. We have CSTD options from the top manufacturers available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.

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