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Infudyne Infusion Services

Infudyne provides superior infusion therapy products, comprehensive training and unparalleled 24/7 support services that enhance patient care and improve healthcare facilities’ efficiencies.

Innovative Solutions

The Infudyne team has been developing and advancing infusion services that improve the patient, physician and nursing experience for over 30 years.

Excellent Products

Our small, simple-to-use and programmable infusion pumps reduced patient training time while greatly enhancing mobility and comfort.

Comprehensive Support

We improve the patient recovery experience with detailed patient instructions, comprehensive product support and friendly patient engagement.


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Infudyne’s History

The healthcare industry saw a technology boom in the 1980s and ’90s that created exciting new products that greatly improved patient care options.

In many areas, technology was outpacing healthcare facilities’ ability to keep up with the acquisition, maintenance and replacements of these new products. This created the need to outsource to third-party companies.

In response to this need, LUCENT Surgical Support Systems, Inc. was created to provide equipment and personnel to aid hospitals’ ability to advance good patient outcomes and enhance the patient recovery experience.

As we grew and evolved, two new service brands were created to better focus our energies, OR Dynamics, for the provision of surgical equipment, and Infudyne, which offers innovate solutions for ambulatory infusion.

What has remained constant with both brands during our 30 years of development is our ability to benefit all stakeholders in the treatment cycle with innovative products, novel data collection methodologies and easy to use analytics.

Moving forward, LUCENT Surgical Support Systems, Inc. is wholly dedicated to the development of new and exciting services that offer reliable products and technologies to further improve patient outcomes.

Our Mission

Throughout our history, we have lived our mission of:


Always pursuing honest and communicative pathways allows us to help you pursue your mission.


Our ability to innovate creates the highest quality services at the best possible value to our clients.


Improving the patient recovery experience is our primary focus in the hospital, clinic and at home.

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Infudyne has over 30 years of experience providing comprehensive infusion services to patients in their homes and in ambulatory healthcare facilities throughout the United States.  LEARN MORE


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