Most ambulatory patient-controlled analgesia infusion devices are complicated with multi-button keypads and lots of steps to get them set up. Infudyne’s new “Twist and GO” devices have the batteries pre-loaded and the devices have been pre-programmed to your preferred settings. Healthcare providers simply “twist” the battery cap into the “ON” position and hit play. A quick run through of the programming automatically displays for accuracy and then the pump is engaged for the therapy. Multiple therapy options are available through an inventory of clearly marked pumps (knee/adductor canal, shoulder/Interscalene, etc.). These devices may even be electronically locked-out so that patients are unable to accidentally or intentionally reprogram their devices. No other ambulatory infusion service focuses so intently on reducing unneeded product related burdens on the clinical staff. We are confident that the “Twist and GO” service will also aid in reducing on-site programming errors. For more information on this topic, please contact us.

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