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Simple to Use

Our certified infusion products are ready to use in under 5 minutes.


Discrete & Portable

Infuse at home or on-the-go with our small and lightweight pumps.


24/7 Support

Call 866-321-MEND at any time to speak to an Infudyne infusion expert.


Home Infusion Services

Infudyne is a Joint Commission accredited infusion services provider that is dedicated to helping patients through their recovery, at home or at alternate treatment sites, with comprehensive device training and unparalleled support.

Pain Management

Our pain management infusion therapy services can provide substantial pain relief to patients with various chronic conditions or to control pain following surgery.


Infudyne’s infusion therapy services can provide oncology patients chemotherapy, antibiotics, pain medications and other necessary infusion treatments.

Patient Testimonials


ambIT® PCA Pump

The innovative ambIT® PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) infusion pump provides a simple, accurate, cost-effective solution for pain management.

24/7 Patient Support

The Infudyne phone support line, staffed by trained clinical support representatives, is available 24/7. Live in-home and at-facility support is also available in most areas.

866-321-6363 (MEND)


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About Infudyne

Infudyne has over 30 years of experience providing comprehensive infusion services to patients in their homes and in ambulatory healthcare facilities throughout the United States.  LEARN MORE


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24/7 Patient Support

866-321-6363 (MEND)


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24/7 Support

(866) 321-6363

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